Steilacoom John & Annie

Steilacoom John & Annie, an image from the UW Libraries Digital Collection.

Notes from the UW site...
Steilacoom John was a leader of the Steilacoom Tribe which lived in the area around Chambers Creek and the territory surrounding Fort Steilacoom, Washington. This region, southwest of what is now Tacoma, was one of the earliest in the Puget Sound region to be occupied by white settlers. John was a son of Ce-col-quin, a signer of the 1854 Medicine Creek Treaty, and he led an extended family that camped at McNeil Island each summer. In this photograph, John and his wife Annie are seated in front of their home with a basket and other household items. The stereographic image was part of a series made by J.A. Blosser illustrating Pacific Northwest scenes.

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